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Beast-kin are the shortest-lived race in Turien. They value strength and power, their magic only amplifying this. They are a tribal race, living in various villages and towns, or the Human cities. Most tribes live in the northern part of the continent, however, the Frog-kin and Snake-kin tribes live in the South West corner of Turien in the Swamplands.   The strongest is given the leadership title of king, and they singularly preside over the Fight for Metamorphosis. Generally a Dragon male, sometimes it is a Dragon female. The strongest is known as King, and their mate as 'wife of the Dragon-kin King' or 'husband of the Dragon-kin King'.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Charlise, Mira, Nani, Milty, Shiana

Masculine names

Donnivan, Matthew, David, Johnny, Lee, Ryu, Jim, Bastion

Family names

Ookami, Mahrous, Jung, Splinters, Sphen, Tipperwater, Therace, Collier


80-year average

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