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Dragon-kin Mountain

Observation Log of KLO Mimi Lakes: Dragon-kin Mountain

Strongmonth the 26th, Year 53 of the Century of the Nymphs, 26th Cycle
  Magenta got kidnapped. Apparently, this isn't the first time either. Still, since she and I are friends, her Hero friend Steve (the lead Hero of the Hero group that Frog-kin's ceremony I went to is a part of) asked the Search and Rescue team to collect her this time. I think he is in a fight with her or something. She has been very iffy about talking about him when I ask. Did something happen? Maybe I should Mags, but Mags is very busy with her thesis. Lots of medical terminology that I don't want to learn yet. Ah, maybe I will later, but not right now. Unless it is needed to find Reagan, then I don't need it yet.
  Which is why we need Magenta. She is able to help with the search for Reagan, but only after she was awarded the points for her thesis if she helped. She is allowed to continue her actual thesis, but they don't want to publish it. So this is some kind of compromise. Hero Steve was a part of the people pushing for this so that probably plays a part in it all. 
  So, we're off the see the Dragon-kin King. He lives in Dragon-kin Mountain, at the top, with his wife and three kids. They have such baby ages, but they are fully adults for Beast-kin. Thinking about making friends with them kinda makes me sad that they won't live for long. I mean, neither do Mermaids, but they aren't that short... 
  Half of the mountain has been recently repaired or replenished. Apparently, the Dragon-kin King's wife is really good at reconstruction and interior decorating so that was a major reason why she was first seen as a candidate of marriage for the Dragon-kin King. 
  And someone from the Dragon-kin Mountain was the one who kidnapped Magenta.

Dragon-kin Mountain

Also known as 'the mountain of the king' or 'Beast-kin Kings Mountain' or similar, the mountain is the largest mountain in the hilly range that creates the border between the Plains and the Badlands. At the top of the mountain is where the Dragon-kin King and their family live. At the base of the mountain is where the town of other Dragon-kin live. Not all Dragon-kin live there, and not only Dragon-kin live there.   

The Cupcake Monstrosity

Magenta can eat and she can eat well. I don't know where she puts it - but maybe it is fuel for her searching thingy. The holo map or something. That's the main reason for the need for her to help with the search and there are no major landmarks or anything, so having Magenta create a large map that shows where we are and colours the areas searched, is really important. Cause Hiven don't bother making stuff for the desert. Or the badlands. So, the phone signal is a bit of an issue. And underwater stuff doesn't work unless you are coating it in water, so as only a small number of people can use that type of magic it really slows the search down. Magenta, even though she is the only person, can configure her magic into everyone's land phones, so it will help speed up the search tenfold. 
  When we had arrived at Dragon-kin Town, a festival was taking place. Part of the festival included an eating contest. Thus, there was a large table of cupcakes. With at least seven large piles behind them. They all had ice blue icing on top and were all made professionally, at least they all looked the same size so I assume so. Whenever I make cupcakes they are all different sizes. Looking closer, there were a lot of (metal ball-looking sugar things) on top of the cupcakes. And other coloured sprinkles on other ones.
  It was time for the contest. The Dragon-kin King was blindfolded at the table. As were two other Dragon-kin. Magenta was sitting blindfolded at the table as well. Apparently the blindfolds are so that no one knows who else is participating and thus they can go all out without worrying about rank or anything. And then the cupcake-eating contest began. 
  The other two Dragon-kin didn't last long. They found the cupcakes too sweet.
  Magenta is a monster. A cupcake-eating monster. Even though the Dragon-kin King ate so fast and so many at once, Magenta swept them all up with her wind and stuffed them down her throat in already bite-sized chunks. She ate and then stuffed and then ate and then stuffed. And she had a lot of drinks as well. But so did the Dragon-kin King, although he stuffed his face and then drank a whole bunch whenever he was starting to choke, whereas Magenta just routinely swapped between eating and drinking. 
  And when the Dragon-kin King was choking on the sickly sweetness (they weren't that sweet, really. Except there was icing, so the Dragon-kin King ended up taking off icing halfway through - well, the aside did that, but still made Magenta eat it all) Magenta kept going. And she kept going as the Dragon-kin cried it was too much cause he'd just eaten lunch and then his aide scolded him, but he wasn't not gonna eat what his wife made him. 
I ate some of the leftover cupcakes. They didn't taste that amazing. But they were easy to eat I guess. Except for the ones with the ball sprinkles. They were mostly given to Magenta, but she had crushed them by the time they got to her mouth. Nothing was that sweet, but I think I heard that Dragon-kin don't like sweets that much. Why did they choose a cupcake eating contest then?
  Hmm, I wonder if she could eat some of Hoen's and my creations ... I don't think KLO-toon would agree. He went to scold some other people about taking Magenta though. But first he told me to look around the place and write about it. 
KLO-toon: They take a person from elsewhere and try to beat them at their own pallette. Mimi: Doesn't that put them at a disadvantage then? KLO-toon: Another dumb strenth contest. 'Strength of the Tongue' they call it.
Dragon-kin Town
Other Beast-kin and one Human family live in Dragon-kin Town, though it is 70% populated by Dragon-kin. Most of the other Beast-kin are Warbeasts.
  The Human family have lived there for cycles. They are known to be quite stubborn and won't move out. At least, one in every generation keeps living there. It's not an amazing house or anything either, they just want to stay. They keep to themselves mostly, but join in WHOLE town events, so they are still a part of the town. 
Home of the Dragon-kin King
The top of the mountain belongs to the Dragon-kin King and their family. Almost a third of the mountain is their home. There are a few entranceways, and more appear whenever the kids are fighting. For example, when I went to explore, the brothers knocked down two walls which ended up creating a new entranceway into their rumpus room. Their mother wasn't happy. Or at least that is what she said, even though she made the whole bigger. This caused an even bigger fight, resulting in the mother watching the children dragging large stones from the next mountain over to fill the holes. 
  There are a number of rooms in the home of the Dragon-kin King. The size is bigger than the above-ground levels of the Elven Kingdom's place - but the rooms themselves are a lot larger, so there are a lot fewer rooms. The rooms are larger so that the Dragon-kin can fully expand and relax in their Dragon-kin Form. 
  It is possible that Dragon-kin used to be larger? I saw the brothers and their mother in their full forms, but they aren't 'that' big. I didn't see the Dragon-kin King though. Or his daughter. So maybe the boys just take after their mother. 
  Also, their fridge is HUGE! I can fit there of me on each shelf. 
  They even had purple water, but before I could taste it the Dragon-kin King's wife opened the door, so I ran away. Or, trickled away in the back of the fridge. And before you get mad at me - I fixed a leak there so I did something good too. And I didn't end up stealing any of their food. Which was why I was so hungry when KLO-toon found me. 


The mountain has been there for as long as any records have been found. Unless the First Generation changed the landscape, the mountain itself has been there since the very creation of Turien. 
  The mountain is known to be the home of the King of the Beast-kin since the creation of Turien as well, although there have been cycles that they didn't live there. It has always been a sacred place, but Dragon-kin Town only moved there sometime after the second magic world war. Most stories say that they used to have a shrine there, or that a small group lived there, but the majority of the Dragon-kin were known to live at a different place at the time. Still, series of winged Beast-kin flying from the mountain over the plains to the Great Forest are well spoken off. 


I think Magenta is a fun friend to have. But she has scary magic if she uses it properly ... I like her using it this way though, it's much more fun!


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