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Mixed Race

There are a number of children born to parents of two different races. Although there is no reason for it not to be possible, there is a large chance for these children to have the feared medical condition congenitally. Though, Half-Human children are much less likely to have this.  

Naming Conventions

Mixed-race children are denoted as Half-X-Y. Although not explicitly a rule, it is general etiquette to name the X and Y components in Turien order. First is Fairies, then Elves, then Nymphs, then Mermaids, then Beast-kin and lastly Human. Those with sub-races are denoted as the sub-race, with the occasional exception of Dwarves who may be called Human as equally as Dwarven and some Beast-kin.   For mixed-mixed-race children (i.e. those with mixed-race parents) they are Half-X-Y-Z(-D), depending on how whether there are three or four racial heritages.

Known Mixed-Race People

  • Annabelle James is a Half-Dark Elf-Human

  • David Sphen is a Half-Dark Elf-Rabbit-kin

  • Jade Holmes is a Half-Dark Elf-Dryad-Beast-kin-Dwarf

  • Magenta Charles is a Half-Fairy-Human

  • Matthew Splinters is a Half-Frog-kin-Human

  • Nada Eyles is a Half-Fairy-Dryad

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