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Magic Synaesthesia

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Magic Synaesthesia is the ability to see one's magical racial attributes in colour and moving shapes. It is only possible for one with Fairy blood to be able to do so, as Fairies are the only ones who can feel the magic of others. It is a rare ability, known only to occur in Half-Human-Fairy beings. Although a Half-Human-Fairy may have a 50% chance of receiving this ability naturally, Fairies so very rarely intermix with any of the other races, that it has been centuries since the previous Half-Human-Fairy child was born. And even rarer still that they would be born in a peaceful time (without being used for things such as war and thus earning them early deaths before their abilities can be properly explored). Currently, only Magenta Charles has this ability. Although she is the only one to see the colours of magic, she can manifest what she sees through holographic projections using her Fairy Magic. It is not 100% certain that she is exactly half Fairy and half Human, Miss Charles herself can see her magic as mostly a mix of Fairy and Human, with some Nymph mixed in and possibly Elf (though that could also be more Nymph or Fairy magic).

Magic Synaesthesia Sight:

The condensed magics seen in The Elevator are the predominant colours seen in each individual that Miss Charles sees. However, just as a Fairies 'magic touch' allows a Fairy to not only identify the race of the individual, but also the magical flow within each person, thus identifying the differences between individuals. Basically, a magical fingerprint.  When no magic is being used most synaesthetic responses are seen within (or as an overlay) of the individual's body (see the pictures in the right column). When magic is manifested, there is another synaesthetic response.


Dwarves can also see magic, but not in the same sense. A lot of the time when magic is used, it is not a compressed form of 'pure' magic, but an unnatural movement of natural elements or an unseen usage of magic (whether hidden or transparent). Thus, for Dwarves to see magic, they are shown a 'hint', a pale glow that says, "magic is here". Any further identification is not something they can do. They are able to identify natural magical resources (e.g. metals containing magic and Magic Moss), which helps with their mining operations and other companies. As Humans cannot sense magic in any form, the 'magic sight of Dwarves is not Synaesthesia.

Miss Charles Classroom:

Ther are 20 students attending The All-Races Classroom with each race and sub-race represented by at least one student. Representing each race are the following numbers of students:
- Beast-kin: 7
- Human: 5
- Fairy: 2
- Elf: 6
- Mermaid: 1
- Nymph: 5
Representing each sub-race are the following (known) numbers of students:
- Dragon-kin: 1
- Warbeast-kin: 1
- Snake-kin: 1
- Frog-kin: 1
- Wolf-kin: 1
- Rabbit-kin: 1
- Naiad: 1
- Dryad: 4
- Dark Elf: 4
- Forest Elf: 2
- Human: 5
- Dwarf: 1   As there are a number of students with mixed heritage, the variety of colours and shapes seen is a researchers dream. (One of the things Miss Charles has to work on is seeing her students as growing individuals and not test subjects.) For example, the Half-Human-Dark Elf Annabelle James has a yellow core with white and black swirling ribbons. There is no fading yellow nor brown to be seen as a constant in her, although when using her magic, they may be seen to spring out then. Another example is the child known as Jade Holmes with four races equally within her. She has three magic cores, of yellow, red and brown colours with pink and black petals scattering within her body. As long as the colours don't mix, she is okay.  

Miss Charle's Thesis:

Miss Charles spent most of her final year of university writing a thesis on the colour of magic. There was a section on the magic of Humans included. This was the largest section of her thesis as no one else on the continent publically believed that Humans have magic. Being young and naive, Miss Charles thought that they were all just ignorant. Her viewpoint started to change after being kidnapped. Twice. Now, instead of brandishing a revolutionary thesis that would increase the topics she could teach her students, she is known as the 'Holographic Papercut' (for her fights with the kidnappers) and the 'Fire Demon' (for her burning revenge on those that dared touch her brother during the fiasco). She then completed her these on a more generic, teaching-related topic.   

Some Examples:

Soon after her brother was born, Miss Charles would draw what she saw magic as. Below are some of her drawings:
by TaraFaeBelle
by TaraFaeBelle
A Beast-kin's roar Stone purification magic by Forest Elves (left) and Dark Elves (right)
by TaraFaeBelle
by TaraFaeBelle
A Human being resuscitated via a defibrillator, while unconscious A Mermaid's sigh
by TaraFaeBelle
by TaraFaeBelle
A Naiad famed for her control of magic An old Naiad
by TaraFaeBelle
by TaraFaeBelle
A resting Dryad Source-tree of a recently deceased Fairy
Unless otherwise stated, images have been drawn by Tara Fae Belle.
Metaphysical, Arcane
The 'sight' of a couple of Humans with their magic (the yellow overlay) that Miss Charles sees.

by TaraFaeBelle
The 'sight' of her students seated within her classroom that Miss Charles sees.

Cover image: by TaraFaeBelle


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