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High Vampires

The High Vampires are a more intelligent variant of the common monstrous vampire and are known for their physical and magical abilities. There are several varying types of High Vampires, all predominantly located within Timbermere in the Moldur Region.   The High Vampires are very few in numbers overall leading them to be mostly myth and even those myths are only commonly known throughout the Moldur Region.

Basic Information


While the anatomy amongst the High Vampire varies, they are all some form of bipedal humanoid with two arms. Wings aren't uncommon amongst the High Vampires and all of them have large fangs that are used for feeding.

Growth Rate & Stages

High Vampires are presumed to be immortal, and none have been known to die of old age. They gain maturity at the same rate as humans however and typically never seem to age past their prime physical form.

Ecology and Habitats

High Vampires differ in sensitivity to sunlight, but all prefer dark environments. Due to their small numbers they are incapable of any war for land dominance. The High Vampires have found themselves nestled comfortably in the Timbermere forest which is a dark and damp environment with tall timber trees that prove optimal for the High Vampires in ambushing and defending their region.   The dwellings of the High Vampire varies based off the clan with the Volton Clan and Noctis Clan living in tall stone castles with the Noctis Clan preferring areas close to the sea.   The Felwore Clan and Zoltar Clan are the most spread out of the different clans. Due to the initial High Hunting they quickly found themselves hiding amongst the tall treetops where they eventually began to build small spread-out settlements. The Zoltar Clan on the other had initially had a roving clan that would move from settlement to settlement. They eventually settled at the base of the tall trees that the Felwore Clan made their homes in to provide protection during the High Huntings.   The Ballius Clan have the worst of the dwellings, presumed due to their physical limitations. They dwell in dark and damp caves, hollowed out tree logs, and underground burrows. They typically reside nearest to the settlements in Timbermere due to their necessity of large amounts of blood.

Dietary Needs and Habits

High Vampires vary in how they are affected by their feeding cycle. With the exception of the Ballius Clan and Noctis Clan all High Vampires must feed on humanoid blood to survive and will slowly wither away and die without it.    Typically, due to the few numbers of High Vampires they can subsist off of ambushing travelers and the local villages of Timbermere.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

All High Vampires have supernatural sensory capabilities. They are able to hear even small rustlings from very far away with some being capable of echolocation.   Several of the High Vampires such as the Noctis Clan and the Volton Clan are capable of incredible magic power, with others such as the Zoltar Clan being incapable of magic except for a select few.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

There are several types of High Vampires each devoted to a specific clan.   Noctis Clan   Volton Clan   Felwore Clan   Zoltar Clan   Ballius Clan


The High Vampires origin is unknown to most including themselves after the Noctis Clan gained dominance during the Colonization Era. They are descended from the Demonix Vampire who had been blessed by Silf for their work as her servants.   Due to the Demonix Vampire's natural ability to shapeshift into a more humanoid form, this was how the Volton Clan was formed. Those of the Demonix that preferred that form were granted that form permanently.   The Zoltar Clan was the next to be formed and come from the Volton Clan's experiments on a dying Demonix Vampire which rendered a Zoltar Lord  which in turned began the Zoltar Clan.   The Ballius Clan was the most natural of the High Vampire bloodlines and is presumed to have gained their intelligence from feeding on a powerful dead High Vampire of one of the clans.   The Felwore Clan was the accidental bloodline that was formed from Halflings refugees that had taken down a weakened Zoltar Lord  and drank his blood. This explains why they are far smaller in stature than the other High Vampires.   The newest of all the clans is the Noctis Clan and was a sect of the Volton Clan who had wished to regain their former looks that had diminished throughout time with their obsession with research. They are also the most humanoid of all the High Vampire clans which has led to their sucess outside of Timbermere.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Geographic Distribution

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5 Jan, 2022 19:48

Good article. All I wonder is do they actually live in the trees ? Caves ? Or do they create castles (like ravenloft) somewhere in the forest.

6 Jan, 2022 04:22

Thanks for reading! Can't believe I forgot to put the living, and I found your comment inspired me to put more thought than the initial castles and caves/underground theme I had.