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Felwore Clan

The Felwore Clan is unique amongst the High Vampire Clans, because whatever origin the majority of the High Vampires may have had come from, they did not. The Felwore Clan was originally a group of nomadic halflings seeking refuge in the early years of the War of Endless Aggression where they were caught by a Zoltar Lord crossing into what is now Timbermere. The Zoltar Lord was able to easily wipe out the halflings that tried to defend the refugees. Unbeknownst to the Zoltar however there was a group of criminals hiding within the group that were able to take the Zoltar while he was feeding. After they had killed the Zoltar Lord they shared the blood amongst themselves hoping it would hide them from other High Vampires. Instead of simply hiding them however it then turned them into another clan of High Vampires.   The Felwore Clan are the smallest amongst the High Vampires based off their halfling heritage. They are known for their inherent stealthiness and exceptional skill in illusion magic, even surpassing the Voltons in that specific area. They are said to be able to turn invisible at will, and their skin is dark like a night sky with silver teeth and claws.   The Felwore Clan quickly established themselves as allies with the Zoltar’s who were the strongest clan at the time. They also quickly became enemies of the Voltons and later the Noctis clan.
Geopolitical, Clan

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