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Zoltar Clan

The Zoltar Clan is presumed to be the second oldest of the High Vampire Clans and are known for their powerful forms and unmatched fighting ability. Their speed, strength, and reflexes are unmatched amongst all but the finest of warriors throughout the races of Tomeria and combined with their ancient weaponry a group, or cloud, of Zoltars, is almost a certain death sentence to whatever they are pursuing.   The Zoltar come in several different physical forms. The two most common being the winged and wingless, with the rarest form being a Zoltar Lord which is a combination of the two and is the only magical Zoltar. The winged Zoltar is closer in physical form to an elf while on average being stronger and faster than one, while also having large wings that allow fast flight. The wingless Zoltar are a large brutish warrior even surpassing the Orcs in pure strength, while being faster overall than any other race except for a tabaxi in a sprint.   The Zoltar Clan is home to the Zoltar Lord which is the strongest known type of vampire. They were the original rallying warrior for the High Vampires and are the only source of arcane power in the Zoltar Clan. They are considered the only reason the Zoltar Clan still holds any sway against the magic of Voltons and the guile of the Noctis Clan.   The Zoltar Clan is oftentimes opposed to that of the Volton and Noctis clan and is a steadfast ally of the Felwore Clan. While at the height of their power they were constantly vying to gain the consort of other clans to take dominance of the Moldur Region, they are now held in check by the Noctis clan and have severely diminished in power, leaving them to focus more on surviving.
Geopolitical, Clan

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