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Volton Clan

Known for its powerful mages, the Volton Clan is considered the oldest known clan of High Vampires and is the most magically inclined. They are glass cannons famed for their use of the rarely seen blood magic. They are rarely seen outside of their seat of power, the Volton Tower and are quite few in number.   The physical characteristics of a Volton is of a quite tall humanoid oftentimes 7 to 9 feet tall and are lithe in nature. They have large claws with surprisingly short fangs compared to most vampires. They have small wings on their back that are presumed to have shrunk due to their reliance on magic for flight. They are typically different shades of grey to white in skin color.   The Volton’s are considered some of the most dangerous of the Volton Clan and while they are known for their seclusion, their power makes them an attraction for the meddling of other clans as they vie for their support or sabotage them as presumed enemies. It also attracted the attention of other nations, and some ambitious leaders will even make deals with a Volton to fund their desires in exchange for their services.   The Volton typically wants to focus on unlocking the origins of their kind and further use for blood magic. This leads them to being recluses and introverted compared to other Vampire Families. While reclusive, they still retain the charming aura of many modern vampires and not the repulsiveness monstrous demeanor of the Ballius.   The Volton’s typically try to remain neutral and keep to themselves but oftentimes find themselves at odds with the Zoltar and Felwore Clans and allies with the Noctis Clan.
Geopolitical, Clan

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