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Ballius Clan

The Ballius Clan is by far the most blood hungry of the High Vampires and widely considered to be the bottom of the High Vampire Clans, and only slightly above that of the common vampire. A Ballius must feed constantly to retain its intelligence. Along with the Noctis the Ballius are the only High Vampires that don’t require human blood. Unlike other High Vampires they can feed on any type of blood to survive if it’s in good supply.   The physical characteristics of a Ballius resembles a corpse after it has become bloated, and disease ridden. Oftentimes bald and covered with cists and tumors, the Ballius are a gross vampire that are frighteningly fast and are excellent burrowers with extremely long and hard fingernails.   The Ballius are a disease-ridden group and can spread disease and infections through varying means such as projectile vomit and spray. They are infamous for their causing of the Black Mouth plague in the Moldur Region during the early years of the Colonization Era.   Unliked by all of the High Vampire Clans, they are used as a buffer and safeguard against the civilized inhabitants of the Moldur Region and typically used as a threat by the Noctis Clan when dealing with the occasional ambitious Moldur King and their armies.

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