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We are one of a privileged few to survive the journey to these lands with our culture and governance intact. We will never allow the greed of others to jeopardize our success.
Ro'aqlen Ikensa IV, ruler of Zhrayqarnyu
Zhrayqarnyu, officially the Divine Kingdom of Zhrayqarnyu, is a predominantly Elven kingdom on the west coast of Thurásin. Bordered in the north by Ijwavya, the east by Shixiiwul, and the south by Lithuziiy, Zhrayqarnyu is a major power in the politics of the north west, and is a founding member of the North West Pact.


Zhrayqarnyu as a country long predates the world-changing Collision which brought its cities and people to Tiyu Amara. While the date of its founding isn't clear, the myth surrounding the kingdom states that the first Ro'aqlen was the child of Wisdom who brought the elves of the land together in worship of their divine parent.   However the kingdom began, it soon grew into a regional powerhouse, holding a large amount of territory along the coast and being known as a center of academic learning and progress. Its stability and relative prosperity helped to insulate it from the devastating Collision, which uprooted it from the elf homeworld of Tiyu Noha and scattered it throughout the western coast of Thurásin. Before the rubble had settled, the Ro'aqlen had mobilised the military and royal guard to rescue trapped citizens and to defend their messy borders from the strangers outside.   While their initial interactions with Thurásin were understandably hostile, they soon forged strong relations with their royal neighbours, particularly the kingdoms of Ijwavya and Shixiiwul. Many exchanges of territory and supplies were made to keep the peace and ensure the prosperity of their nations, and the royal families of the three frequently intermarried.   Zhrayqarnyu was integral in making contact with the elves of The Carved Mountain in 70 Collision, who they recognised as the descendants of a distant nation in Tiyu Noha. As such, their scholars were able to swiftly translate the mountain dialect into the human language of Zwiqaluu. They were not able to be as helpful when the elves of the Shyanhol League made contact 59 years later, as those elves spoke a different language entirely.   The kingdom has experienced unusual peace compared to its neighbours, particularly Ijwavya, who in 42 Famine overthrew their long-existing monarchy to establish a democratic republic. Despite the Ro'aqlen's close ties to the deposed monarchs Zhrayqarnyu famously remained neutral on the issue, only stepping in to shelter one of the deposed princesses after she was attacked within the kingdom's borders.   What Zhrayqarnyu did not stay neutral on was the subsequent invasion of Ijwavya by the northern Kingdom of Kuwvyana, quickly pledging its naval forces to the defence of the coasts and outlying islands. This cooperation eventually led to the formation of the North West Pact, enabling the nations of the continent's northwest to better defend against the threat from the north. They are a proud founder of the Pact and have good relations with all current and former members.


Zhrayqarnyu is an absolute monarchy, in which the head of state is nominally the Divinity of Wisdom, one of the gods who created Tiyu Amara and Tiyu Noha. In practice, the Ro'aqlen rules on behalf of Wisdom, and descends directly from one of their children. The position of Ro'aqlen is hereditary and follows a system of absolute primogeniture, with the eldest child taking precedence.   As the Ro'aqlen cannot reasonably run everything in the kingdom, power is delegated through a series of religious officials and scholars who can ask Wisdom for guidance in the event the Ro'aqlen is unavailable. Some of these religious positions are elective, such as those derived from church ranks, but on the whole the system is non-democratic.
Founding Date
Ancient History, estimated at 312 Origins
Government System
Monarchy, Theocratic
Power Structure
Unitary state
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The Flag

The flag of Zhrayqarnyu consists of a yellow field with a black fess. Within the black fess is a yellow 8 pointed star, wherein the diagonal spokes are shorter than those which are on the straight.   The black of the flag represents the Planar Sea, the pseudo-mythical birthplace of the Divinities, and the space between worlds. The yellow represents the light found within this sea, as well as the shores upon which the kingdom thrived. The 8-pointed star represents the Divinities, with the larger points representing the 'Singularities' of Justice, Wisdom, Balance, and Charity, and the smaller points representing that each Singularity could be split into 2 'Dualities', for 8 Dualities in total.

Zhrayqarnyu Flag

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A really fascinating history. They seem to have coped relatively well with the Collision, despite it being a worldchanging event. I like that one of their first priorities was to rescue their citizens.

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