Arc 2 - Episode #032

Rest Stop

General Summary

3rd of Fara'ure
The caravan leaving Onak'-Al travels north. There is some discussion about the statuette that was found in the desert but the trip is mostly uneventful.

8th of Fara'ure
The party arrives in Whitehedge and have the horse and wagon returned to Jordonna. They decide to buy a custom wagon to travel in and meet Wilfin Horji, a Gnomish builder. Ephany takes the lead and charms Wilfin a little to get a better deal and they leave the Gnome to get to work.

17th of Fara'ure
Avalan and Ephany buy 2 white stallions to pull the cart. On the way out of town, the group comes across Vallerie Ebelmare out and about with Shaw and Lucia giving Eliwrath a moment to reconnect with the children.


Locations Visited


On the way back to Whitehedge, the horse is finally given a name "Trapp Chowder"

Group C

Player Characters

Release date: 08 Apr 2018 - Download the Episode

Report Date
08 Apr 2018