Arc 1 - Episode #137

The Choice

General Summary

The fight picks up where it left off in the last episode as Briahna, Poe and some paladins make their way into the town hall. During the fight, a werewolf slashes at Ingrid who had been knocked unconscious and kills her. Brie force punches the Alpha into and through the wall and as other wolves begin to get killed, a few make a run for the exit and escape as well.

Post fight, Brie tells Eliwrath and Sora that one of the paladins can resurrect one of the fallen but they can't decide who to bring back. Eliwrath wants it to be Coal and Sora suggests Kaley but they come to a draw and Bowers, the paladin makes the call. While Coal is prepared for the ritual, Briahna takes the survivers to the town's supply shop/blacksmith and blasts the door from the episode will have a shopping spree.


Notable Kills

  • Ingrid, killed by a werewolf

Locations Visited

Player Characters

Release date: 15 Nov 2015 - Download the Episode

Report Date
15 Nov 2015