Arc 1 - Episode #112

Where Everyone Knows Your Name

General Summary

The group remains in Brightport to get to know their new teammate and give Diana time to read her book. Derthag and Sisun spar outside while Duncan, Yenward and Malchus go to the tavern for some drinks. In the bar, they meet Theodore who is a local thug and invite him to join them in polishing off a bottle or 5 of Skull Splitters. Derthag and Sisun find Diana and the three ask Tessia where they can find the rest and then go to find them. Once everyone gathers at the bar, Yenward scoops up Theo to have him join the party. pay the tab and leave to go back to House Dragonkeep to recover.


Notable Kills

  • Many brain cells, killed by Skull Splitters

Locations Visited


  • Nicknames for Sisun: Isuzu, Isildur, Lion Guy, Zoom-Zoom, Sim City, "Name", Sudafed, "Name Redacted", Lionface, Cough drop, Mutual of Omaha, Sepulvida Boulevard, Simba, Selson Blue, Seasoned Fries, Sun Tsu and more.
  • Tessia makes great kettle corn

Player Characters

Release date: 03 May 2015 - Download the Episode

Report Date
03 May 2015