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Barbarossa the Spark

The Legionary (a.k.a. The Third)

I don't want to be the best, just better than the other guy.
— Barbarossa at the military academy
  Barbarossa, also called The Third or the Legionary is Human serving The visionary.   He was saved by The visionary after he served as guinea pig to Hanhula.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Admitted to the military academy with a scholarship, he spent several years there. But studies not feeding his man, he had to accept the job proposed by his uncle, to become a fisherman on his boat, the Crescent Moon.
He was navigating on the Lightning Sea as usual, but one day, an incident occured.   The Lightning Sea is situated between the Eastern Federation and the Continent. So its the way for the Werebeast to the battlefield. And Barbarossa has often seen airships flying to the south. But this day, it was not the only one flying in the sky.
After that the airship blew up, the remains fell to the water, taking the Crescent moon with it. Barbarossa were stuck and he could not go to the surface. While he fell unconscious, he felt a big pain in his leg.   When he woke up, he was laying on a bed. He tought that his last hour was there, but a man saved him. It was Saimon Jack, a Werebeast, who were fishing near by. He saw what happen, and tried to save the crewmembers but he could only find Barbarossa. But he was not in one piece, Jack cut his left leg. “It was your leg or your life” he tolds to Barb.   Saved by Saimon, he took her to the city of Elsua to be better cared for. But once arrived, Barb is arrested. Accused for espionage, he was arrested for a year. Saimon Jack was interrogated and released.
Unfortunately for him, Barbarossa was selected by Hanhula who used it for his augmentation experiments.  
  Hanhula healed and replaced the leg of it. Obviously, the goal was not to heal him charitably. She had other intentions. After multiple operations, he was forcibly taken to the field where he participated by force in a confrontation. While the Alliance of Baram troops were being tortured by Infectors, Barb was scratched by one of them. A soldier immediately cut off his right arm to prevent infection.   After one leg, it was an arm that had been torn off. What would he have to give again, he wondered often. Unfortunately for him, the answer was quick.
Despite the quick and precise gesture of the soldier, Barb was still infected by The Black Blood.
Dangerous, he was quarantined and Hanhula kept him in stasis to study the Black Blood.  
  Barbarossa woke up years later, healed. The first thing he saw was The visionarys face. But what surprised him more was that he noticed the presence of a mechanical arm instead of the one he had lost.  
You're now a Spark, my child.
  He said to him. Of course, he did not immediately realize that many things were changed and changed.
He was in stasis for 70 years. His aunt died 10 years ago. Their house has been sold. All he had known was gone. With the exception of Saimon Jack.
The visionary had taken him with him and explained the plans they had for Barbarossa and for him. Saimon then explained to Barb that their life was going to change.  
  Saimon became captain of the Gray Heart, a cargo ship of the Alliance, and Barbarossa became a Spark. He took up arms and grabbed the second chance he was offered.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Third Spark, GrandMaster Worldsmith.
Year of Birth
13884 A.F. 115 Years old
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations


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