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Eastern Federation

Controlled by a lineage of priestess, the Eastern Federation is the Werebeasts civilization.  

Before the Federation

The Werebeasts are a proud people, but the disparities between the clans are very big. If Dae'lo did not watch them, they killed each other. Many racial wars could have started if he was not there to stop them. Therefore, he had the idea to divert the mentality of this species in order to put this aggressiveness to advantage. Thus was founded the Eastern Federation.  

After the Federation

First, why this name?   Quite simply, federation because it is a grouping of several groups into one. And oriental because when Dae'lo was looking at the whole archipelago, he saw the rising sun at his equinox.   The purpose of the maneuver was to direct the perseverance, the fury of the Werebeasts, not to theirs but to the other races. Put the Werebeasts and the world in competition so that they can ally each other and no longer have to watch them.   At the head of this organization, he put a priestess. Receiving her orders directly, she then directed the community. But it was not anybody because it was a Werebeast of "pure" blood. This means that it's another type of Werebeast, she was unique.   But this detail is not pleased many, which led to several incidents like the murder of the aforementioned priestess. Dae'lo then set his sights on a Werebeast of the people. Someone qualified with innate leadership abilities. Thus, the lineage of priestesses of Dae'lo was born. After his disappearance, they were the last supporter of the nation who almost reached the point of no return on several occasions.  

The Federation for the last 50 years

The war is in full swing and the Alliance of Baram is losing power. The hour of division is at the highest and the Werebeasts are planning to withdraw from the conflict.   But here comes the 65th Priestess of Dae'lo, a young and lively Werebeast who does not miss common sense. In 50 years, she redores the name of its species by making recover their technology its glory of yesteryear. Humans have reached the sea and risk crossing it at any moment to destroy this great nation. It's time for a spike in technological innovation. While all faction leaders panic, Priestess Miko, nicknamed since the Holy, orders calm and concentration. Thus, she brought calm to the ranks and by clever words, she led the Eastern Federation to become the pillar of the Alliance of Baram.


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