Ryan Verti

Lieutenant Ryan Verti, former soldier of the Alliance of Baram, he was also a member of the SIGMAR's cult.  

Personnal history

  A freedom fighter and writer in his spare time, he pledged his life to save the lives of others when he was choose by The visionary in person.
He was declared dead when he was 45. Officially, he was ambushed while carrying a message. Unofficially, that's another story. While he was running as a messenger, he stopped at a farm near a lake to ask for water. The farmers gave it to him and took a few minutes to rest on the terrace. But they were actually on the enemy side and tried to assassinate him.
A blow to the back surprised him, made him spill his glass on the ground and almost choked him with his water. But as he pulled back, he slipped on an ice cube in his glass, previously thrown away, and fell in the swimming pool which was at the bottom. He thought he was saved when he saw the swimming pool but his head hit the edge and then he fall in the pool. He drowned. His cloths were then placed on a scarecrow and he was turned into a rug. It took the authorities a week to find him.
His remains were deposited in the crypt of the SIGMAR Temple.
The picture took can hurt people sensibility, so I took the decision to warn the readers. If you click on the "show spoiler" button, it means that you are ready to see a horrible thing.
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Verti' body
Verti's Body

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He was from the fox race. Tall, slender, agile with ears and tail.

Mental characteristics


Combat Training, Bachelor of Arts and Letters.


Army officer

Accomplishments & Achievements

He wrote the book Half-Human and Werebeast, which difference ?.   He failed the swimming competition at the Army.

Mental Trauma

He is allergic to ink, so he can not take a book and it disturbs him a lot.   He can't swim and that's a problem because the Eastern Federation is an archipelago. He then always makes sure to take the air transport.

Intellectual Characteristics

Smart, kind.
Ryan Verti
Honorary & Occupational Titles
10569 A.F. 10614 A.F. 45 years old
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Help, I'm drowning!"
Aligned Organization


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14 Apr, 2018 07:08

Sort and to the point with a death fitting for a Verti. Well done. Also thank you for the spoiler warning to protect the easily shaken from this horrible depiction of the poor, dead Verti.

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