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Created by Dae' lo, Werebeasts are geniuses of technology. They are the first nation in terms of technology. Thanks to unprecedented firepower and the foresight of their leader: Miko the Holy One, the Werebeasts have an excellent defence but not an excellent attack. But since the arrival of their leader, the Werebeast have won over humans by joining forces with the Dwarves, Elves and certain Half-Human factions. Because of their affinity with magic and their special physical make-up, Werebeasts can sometimes have access to a unique ability called "Blood Destruction". Depending on the level of mastery, they are able to challenge the laws of physics, whether pushing or pulling colossal masses or even increasing their perception to see time slow down. The form of blood destruction can be identified by the emblematic red colouring of the eyes, hair, fur and parts of the skin (usually forming a complex skin pattern at least on the forehead and under the eyes that is specific to each individual). the red colour is caused by the fact that the person's blood breaks either by breaking the capillaries or by the uncontrollable flow of their blood. After returning to its original form, the red coloration of its blood destruction form disappears, assuming that its blood returns to the bloodstream. Only one out of three Werebeast can claim it but rare are those who can control it without backlash.

Basic Information


Human except for the presence of animal ears and a tail.

Civilization and Culture

Average Technological Level

Werebeast is currently considered to be the most technologically advanced race of Anathema, although there are wide disparities between Werebeast technology and human technology, such as the lack of theft technologies and laptop computers. The majority of their population also lives in oriental-style housing. The main objective of their technological progress seems to be to improve agriculture and mining in order to take advantage of their land such as advanced food production facilities (probably based on hydroponics) and advanced computing through virtual simulation.
Between ~200 and ~250 ans
Average Height
Between 1m40 and 2m10