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Created by Demons, there are the punishment to Charioce I for being insolent towards them.  

Physical description

Infectors looks like ghouls with a halo on the top of their head. They produce a black corrosive liquid that gives the impression of being blood that costs from their mouths. Their blood is black which, when they die and decompose, reacts with the air to create a poisonous gas that causes The Black Blood disease. This illness is virulent and mortal. The Infectors are not very fast or strong, so if he is alone, it is better to leave him alive and at a safe distance. Because he is more dangerous dead than alive.  

An another type of Infectors

  When an Infectors or even an infected by the Black Blood die, he has a small chance to become an Horrific.
The Horrifics are another type of Infectors which is evolved. They are faster, stronger and enjoy greater physical resistance. Unlike Infectors, they do not produce corrosive fluids however they are much more dangerous because they carry many diseases and constantly produce toxic gas. They attack more virulently than the Infectors and even try to bite or devour their victims. Horrifics produce a special saliva. When a person is bitten by a Horrific, he gets infected with The Black Blood and is sure to turn into Horrific. However, Horrifics are sensitive to light, they rot very quickly if they are exposed too long. We find them more in remote and dark corners.
  Another big difference between Infectors and Horrifics is that they do not have the same life expectancy. An Infector can live easily for many years while a Horrific is only going to exist for a month, less if he has been exposed to light. When a Horrific dies, it produces a large quantity of poisonous gas and especially Infector spores, which causes the appearance of 3 to 5 Infectors.
by AlexRuizArt
Danger Level:

62,9921 inches
Special capacity:
Produce a toxic gas when killed and sometimes evolves in Horrific.


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