Charioce I

King Christopher von Maria (a.k.a. Charioce Ist)

Charioce the First is the current king of Homeca. He is a calculating king who is willing to resort to any measure as long as it fits his goal. Fearing neither angel nor demon, he wields forbidden power stolen from the Fallen Angels themselves. He has no legitimacy to the throne, moreover, in a theocracy. But he managed to prove his strength against the Council and he compelled them to crowned him at the age of 20 years old, King of Homeca. At 30, he married Caterina de Sali and had a daughter Alektra von Maria.  

His actions since his coronation


The Obsidian Legion reduced to nothing, the Theocracy weakened and the defeats against Alliance of Baram multiplied. Five months after his coronation, he decided to use Archibald Lerwick's Extensions as weapons and created the Riders of the Apocalypse. Combining firepower and strategy, he managed to reduce the territory of the Elves to the city of Emynyr.
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  Charioce I is viewed as a powerful and influential king that changed the balance of power in favor of mankind within seven years. He is feared among his subjects as he is determined to eliminate those who dare to stand in his way. He is very straightforward in his words and actions. He is a detail-oriented person as he notices little details right away. As king, he barely shows any emotions and considered to be an introvert as he is not much of a talker. Charioce thinks of himself as a tragic figure who does nothing by choice. The loss of his mother is considered his worst experience and a truly tragic tale, in contrast to the thousands of lives he had taken.

Physical Description

Body Features

Charioce is handsome with a tall lean muscular body. He always keeps a haughty, poker face expression on his face. He has a mullet styled platinum blonde hair, with dark gray eyebrows, and his most notable features are his golden eyes with bold lower lashes.
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