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The Black Forest

The Black Forest sits in a region that is fought over by the Franks, Saxons, Bavarii, and the Swiss. It is in the region where the head waters of the Danube begins, and is still far distant to Austria. West is the Franks, East is the Saxons, the Bavarii are all around in tribes, and the Swiss is to the south. The region though, is known to be tightly controlled by the Suebi (who eventually will settle the region & call it Swabia). The Alemanni are also a major controlling factor here (they are a loose confederation Germanic tribes).   Forestry and ore mining are common in the region, and quite productive. The region is roughly 100 miles long, and 80 miles wide, and an area of 2320 sq. miles. The Feldberg is the highest peak of the mountains attached to the Black Forest. Many rivers run through it. Less common ores found are lead, zinc, fluorite, and haematite. Köhler (or Charcoal Burners), are common in the forest, along with their Meiler (wood piles), and jobs related to the timber trade. The same kolher also would produce potash as well, usually as an extra income due to the amount of timber available. Glassmakers would regularly collect supplies from the forest, and usually work alongside the kolher where possible.   A few adventurers are found as well in the Black Forest. They are usually employed to keep down the number of wild animals, along with deal with more esoteric demands. Creatures such as Werewolves, and the dreaded Hag, can be found deep within the forest. The use of adventuring parties for this helps to keep the locals from having to deal with any problem, and said problem usually gets dealt with quickly. Many adventuring parties also come back with plenty of items for sale in the settlements & camps around the forest, along with many maps helping with working out the lay of the land.


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