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Baltia and the Temple

The heroes race to get information about Baltia, and find it's not as easy as it sounds.

Plot points/Scenes

The heroes are thrust into a quandary. If they are going to get the information they need to find Baltia, they are going to have to get into a cult temple. This temple is dedicated to Slaanesh, and found near the Saxon city of Heidelberg. There it is heavily defended. Inside is is an active cult with 1 Slaanesh Champion, 2 Daemonette Knights and 10+ cultists. There are a few cultists spread around outside too, and the local area is affected by a pinkish purple mist that is heavily scented with what smells like strong perfumes & flowers with an undercurrent of sweat and other bodily fluids.   The information is supplied by a Black Elf emissary from the Valley of the Black Ones in exchange for trading rights with the town of Eschbach. He will warn them that it will be monitored anyway by his people due to Slaanesh being one of many ancient evils of his people. Any damage done to he cult would be looked upon favourably.   The heroes are also suppled with information on a ledger that once belonged to a Wood Elf that had been on board a long ship crewed by Geats that had been tasked with retrieving some of the Amber and any other material to use in fending off an Undead army. This army was to attack Uppsala at one stage and was defeated when the crew minus 9 slaves of different ages returned home with a fist sized chunk of both the Amber and a white hardened chalky substance. The priests had marked out the site of Uppsala using the white substance in a circle with sigils & runes that effectively sucked out the dark magic binding the Undead army together. It happened to magically draw out the soul of the necromancer leading the army into the chunk of Amber. They keep what remains well hidden so as no-one else can access them.   To get to the ledger they would need to get as far as the core of the temple where there is a gateway of unspeakable power & evil. Beside it is a chest where the ledger rests, and a longsword above it on a pedestal. They are warned not to even touch the sword let alone take it, especially by anyone with Elvish blood or they will be corrupted by the spirit within.   All they need to do is get in, seize the ledger, and get out. Chances are they may be in for a surprise or two, with the possibility of cultists being present and traps.   If they are successful, the ledger won't have any dates but does contain details of getting to Baltia and how to retrieve the Amber and the Mistletoe's Blood Clot. They will have to get a ship to take them and be part of sacrificing the 9 captives. These have to be drowned by being tied up & thrown overboard while conscious. Any age, species or gender will do. They're not to be harmed beforehand. It has to be done at a full moon on the sea between Sweden & Finland at midnight.   When on the island they have to somehow persuade the Guardian to let them past, and for the party overall cannot take more than a fist sized piece of each. Any Amber containing a god essence cannot be placed on the Blood Clot, or held while touching the latter. The Blood Clot will destroy the evil presence and crumble intro useless dust. Same will happen when it is in the vein in the cave. If the Guardian is not listened to, too much took, or a part with a god essence took without consent will cause him to attack. The Guardian will likely warn them not to take this type of Amber due to its nature, and warn that many of the essence are related to the Dark Gods that protect Baltia. Any theft or trickery, or arguing with the Guardian will be met with violence as well.   As long as the conditions are met, the heroes can mine a little of the substances they require and let go. Otherwise... the violence starts, and they will find that the Mist is back up round the island preventing their escape as well.
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