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Session V: Resisting Arrest

General Summary

With only one more setup job before Castellan's big heist, the The Black Dawn made their way to Castellan's office the night after Cromoni's murder. There they received an exasperated rundown of their next mission, devoid of hope for secrecy. The mission was to be completed next morning, the original plan to steal a high-speed technomagic train to be used in the heist. The next morning, a good hour before call time, the Misfits woke up to go to the spa, the classic preparation for a time sensitive mission.   Now after the spa trip they left for Castellan's office, 3 minutes after call time. A mere six minutes from Castellan’s building, Balasar at the wheel made the decision to “push the speed limit,” as Castellan expressed frustration at the possibility of showing up late time and again. Now, at this point, those four were the most wanted people in all of Valland, so the cops were on high alert. They had rough descriptions, with their closest one being an accurate police sketch Tarik, who was already an incredibly rare race. Unsurprisingly, the police witnessed their car going far above the speed limit and set out to pull them over.   So, as getting pulled over is obviously terrible for their secrecy, Tarik decided to get in the back of the car and yell for help like a hostage. Balasar decided that he wouldn't concern himself with the consequences of such a minor traffic infraction, going even faster. Avaahn opens fire on the squad car. The group eventually ditches the car, all going their separate ways; Jinx darts to an office building to blend in, Tarik climbs up to the building tops, and Avaahn and Balasar hop in a stolen truck to make their way over to the highspeed railway system to hold a train hostage.   Tarik takes down two police helicopters with boulders torn from building walls before hiding in a supplies closet, only to be found by a divination wizard and put in handcuffs.   Balasar and Avaahn eventually had nowhere to run, while the cops outnumbered them and put them in handcuffs.   Jinx took on the face of an office worker, which only resulted in both the disguised Jinx and the regular office worker being arrested after a failure to dispel Jinx's disguise with deadmagic.   All four The Black Dawn were now in cuffs in the back of a police truck, on their way to the most secure facility in all of Valland.
The Black Dawn
Avaahn Casper
Report Date
14 Dec 2019


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