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Session II: Pixie Dusted

General Summary

Castellan's first task for the gang was not so much of a big heist or even a setup, but simply an illicit errand that Castellan needed done. The Misfits were tasked with securing a stolen shipment of narcotics (pixie dust, specifically) that had been stolen by a league of vampires. Castellan, while also using the gang to do his illegal errands, also aimed for this mission to be a gauge on how the group performed.   After infiltrating the vampire castle and securing the shipment of pixie dust, Jinx conjured a getaway vehicle shortly before the cops arrived on the scene. A top-speed chase through Anchora, Valland proceeded, but not without the constant dip into Castellan's own supply of pixie dust from his "trusted" employees. The cops were successfully avoided with the help of Lady Luck, as Jinx drove out of the city towards the highway.   After the duration for Find Vehicle met its end, the Misfits and Lady Luck needed a ride, stranded out on the highway hours between cities. They stopped an unassuming minivan carrying a lovely halfling couple with the intention of simply hitching a ride to the nearest city. However, a police report interrupted the radio, detailing the appearance of each of the new passengers. Balasar Blackwater murdered the husband, while Lady Luck only knocked out the wife.   Grievances: 1
The Black Dawn
Avaahn Casper
Report Date
30 Mar 2019


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