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The population of Nelmatos is made up almost exclusively of Drow with some exceptions for slaves, notably Dwarves.


In 856, the Drow were excluded from the protection of The Il'ithani Empire when the other elves were exiled. They had no choice but to attempt to reclaim their ancestral lands, however Nelmatos was in complete disrepair and ruin when it was rediscovered by Empress Lolshya.
Ilros was the brother of the first Drow Empress after the rediscovery of Nelmatos, he helped to guide the people on a pilgrimage to the new city. Because of his importance in establishing their society, after his death protecting the Empress (or so the sonnets say) many families name their first sons after him.
Despite the fact that they share the underground world, the Dwarves are the mortal enemies of the Drow, having had some of their territory stolen by the Dark Elves in a false treaty. The Drow of Nelmatos often steal their religious iconography, such as golden statues of their gods, to melt down.


Nelmatos is an underground city locate in a large cavern accessible by four converging tunnels.


Subterrainian, cold and damp.

Natural Resources

Because of its dark and moist environment, Nelmatos is the perfect environment for funghi to grow and thrive. For this reason, mushrooms make up the bulk of the diets for the denizens of Nelmatos.
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Large city
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Notable Inhabitants

Drathir Lá former
Jez'zep Jurile former
Alauvan Hyliin
Do'Zyn Hyliin
Ginafae Hyliin
Chakos Servus former

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