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Barrosvik is known for producing some of the best fighters in the nation, with the King sourcing many of his own personal guard from the town.


Barrosvik is known for its history of Dragon Slayers, notably as the location of the slaying of the last Dragon of Ysgör.

Points of interest

The bones of an ancient Red Dragon are located in the town. The town's High Hall is built into the bones, the building acts as the residence for the town's Jarl and their family.


Barrosvik is located on the north-east coast of the continent of Ysgör, across a small channel from the Il'ithani Empire and north of Nelmatos.

The Old Gods

Due to it's distance from the Capital City of Mithral, if done clandestinely worship of the Old Gods is tolerated. Remenants of ways of worship remain in the town, such as ancient stones with runic carvings and groves with faces carved into trees where worshipers go to connect

Notable Inhabitants

Apegia Mithrus (former)
Jaron Ellingboe(former)
Jera Isalya (former)
Location under

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