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Manavik has a high presence of Kingsmen, who are successfully able to maintain the peace between the civilians and mages training here.


The town of Manavik formed around the College of Magi, located here, as a stronghold for the first King's of Ysgor to store and protect arcane knowledge and artefacts.

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Manavik is most famous for the College of Magi which is located there. It is a relic from a time when Humans and Elves shared arcane knowledge and many mages will make pilgrimage here in hopes of tutelage, though not before being vigorously tested by the elders of the College.


Manavik receives much tourism from those looking to further their arcane knowledge and abilities from all across Ysgor, making it one of the most racially diverse towns in the continent.
Manavik is one of the few places where Elves walk freely outside of the Il'ithani Empire. Their arcane contribution to the development of the College and by extension the town surrounding it has not been forgotten by the denizens and thus it remains relatively untouched by the racial biases against the Elves.


Manavik is a Northern settlement and therefore suffers from weather that is colder on average than much of the continent. Winters in Manavik can get quite brutal as a result.
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