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Cathedral of Lolth

Purpose / Function

The Cathedral of Lolth is only place of worship in the Drow city of Nelmatos and is dedicated to their patron Goddess Lolth. Though Lolth is seen as the head of the religion, the Empress Lolshya Nelmanos is the mortal leader of the church and oversees the day-to-day opperations of the cathedral.
The Cathedral is the location where many of the Drow sacrifices to the Goddess take place. It is also used for other religious ceremonies, including the Coming of Age ceremony which female Drow undergo in their 10th year. It is also where new Clerics and other holy people are selected and inducted often, it is said, by Lolth herself.


The Cathedral is the most well guarded building in the city, or at least that is what the Empress Lolshya Nelmanos would have the citizens believe. Not only is the building surrounded by large stone walls, it is also divinly protected as the temple to the Goddess Lolth. There is also rumour that it may be arcanely defended by the necromantic powers of Ilros Nelmanos.


The building was the first of the city to be rebuilt upon its rediscovery in 856HU. It has been continuously developed in the years since and is the main house of worship to the Goddess Lolth.
In 1013HU, Ginafae Hyliin was selected as the youngest ever Cleric of Lolth during her Coming of Age ceremony inside the Cathedral. This was seen as a momentous event for the Drow people.
Founding Date
856 HU rebuilt
Cathedral / Great temple
Parent Location


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