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Ginafae Hyliin


Ginafae was given a divine focus by Lolth personally during her coming of age ceremony in her 10th year.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Act as a servant to Lolth.
Destroy the False Prophet, believed to be her own adopted brother, Drathir Lá.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Ginafae Hyliin was discovered as one of the only two surviving members of a travelling group of Drow. She was only an infant and thus has no memories of the event, however the only other survivour lost their mind as a result of the events.


Drathir Lá

Adopted Brother

Towards Ginafae Hyliin



Ginafae Hyliin

Adopted Sister

Towards Drathir Lá




On Ilros's 92nd birthday, Alauvan revealed that the family would be adopting an infant who had been found alive in the tunnels as part of a group of whom only two survived. By the time she turned 6, Ilros's opinion of his sister had been cemented as he witness her acts of cruelty.
During Ginafae’s Right of Passage Ceremony in the Cathedral of Lolth, as snakes were placed on her and began crawling over her skin, she giggled as if someone was speaking to her. Slowly, she began to levitate; a light shone onto her and the snakes turned to ash. Thinking that something awful was happening, Ilros dropped to the floor and pressed his ear to the ground to ‘listen to the earth’. Quickly, others around him began to do the same, except they were bowing to Ginafae. Ilros quickly tried to leave but was pulled down by his father Alauvan who angrily demanded that he not embarrass the family. He stayed reluctantly and as Ginafae eventually lowered to the ground again, the people could see that a necklace had been placed around her neck. It was a divine focus and she was revealed to have been chosen by the goddess as the youngest cleric in known history. Everyone who had gathered in the temple began to rush to congratulate her and her fathers. Ilros, horrified by this, left the Cathedral and ran to the Ironspire tavern, and requested ‘the strongest thing you have’ from the barkeep, ranting to Kiatlara in a hushed voice about what had just happened in the Cathedral.

Divine Classification
Parents (Adopting)
Drathir Lá (Adopted Brother)
Cleric of Lolth
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