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Alauvan Hyliin

Mental characteristics

Accomplishments & Achievements

Alauvan Hyliin played an active role in the Second Stor Krieg where he fought as a mage against the Humans and later the Dwarves. Though the Elves ultimately lost the war, he was rewarded for his services once Nelmatos was reclaimed, receiving a manor and slave from the Empress Lolshya Nelmanos herself.
Alauvan took great pride in his adopted daughter Ginafae Hyliin's selection as a Cleric of Lolth. He personally accepted a lot of praise for this as he was viewed as a blessed and capable parents to have been gifted such an honour.

Failures & Embarrassments

Alauvan is almost perpetually disappointed by his adopted son Drathir Lá who he believes is wasting his life on frivolity and refusing to take anything seriously. Because of the shame he causes, Alauvan refrains from speaking of Drathir to his peers.

Intellectual Characteristics

Alauvan is a highly intelligent man with great skill as an arcane caster. Because of this, he has little tolerance for less intellectual conversation.

Morality & Philosophy

Alauvan is extremely racially prejudice and believes that one day the Drow will be led to glory again. Because of this, he has little respect for non-Drow, including his own Dwarven household servant.

Wealth & Financial state

Though Alauvan is in possession of many valuable assets, neither he nor his house are financially wealthy as they rely on the stipend given by the Empress for his services to Nelmatos.
Current Location
Date of Birth
Long, black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark blue/grey

Work for the Drow Empire

Drathir Lá has had visions suggesting that Alauvan has performed nefarious deeds in the name of the Drow Empire of Nelmatos. The visions suggested that he was directly involved in the Alliance Between the Drow and Fire Giants, as he specifically mentions that Lolshya Nelmanos ordered the allegiance.


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