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Elves of Ysgör

The origin of the Elves of Ysgör is not common knowledge among the other popultions of the continent, however most elves are knowledgeable of how their people came to be. The dawn of time itself Ysgor was the first land that the gods decided to raise from the waters before man the beauty of the creation of the world spawned the birth of the elven gods. Odin decided that all the wisdom of the Elfland should be shared with the mortal realm. Two seeds from the heavens landed on either side of the nation like two lungs surrounding a heart. As trees grew from these seeds, one atop a mountain in the east and one on that coast to the west the holy light did spur and the god's magic created something different and the lights combined. There was 'true dawn' upon the land from which Correlon was born. In his shadow his sister followed. Correlon protected the day and Lolth protected the night. When man craweled in the shadow of the gods, Lolth grew greedy for the other half of humanity. Loth tried to slaughter Correlon.
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