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Second Stor Krieg

The Conflict


During the time of peace following the First Stor Krieg tensions slowly rose between the Human and Elven empires. The Elves felt the Humans had forgotten what had caused the war with the Dragons, as they viewed the rapid expansion of the Human kingdoms as a lesser form of what had happened just over a century prior, and the Humans saw the Elves as envious of their growth has they had remained stagnant while the Human empire had flourished.


The Elves were exiled to a small empire in the north east of Ysgör, the Il'ithani Empire. Additionally, the Drow were further exiled from the Il'ithani Empire itself and forced to reclaim their ancestral home of Nelmatos, which had fallen to complete ruin. The Elves have never been welcom in Human lands since their exile, and are kept relatively under watch by informants loyal to House Mithrus. The only exception to this is in the town of Manavik, where the College of Magi has relied on Elven magics for centuries.
Conflict Type
Start Date
Ending Date
Conflict Result
The Human Empire wins a victory over the Elves with Dwarven aid




The Human Empire alone was no match for the arcanely gifted Elven forces, however with aid from Dwarven allies, and notably with access to their stores of Raugh Delvar they vastly overpowered the apposition.
The Elves had all of the arcane history and power to make themselves a brutal threat towards the Human Empire, however lacked the large armies and allies.




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