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House Mithrus


The Mithrus Family was the first ruling family of Humanity after the rise of mankind. They came to power in the year 701HU when the first King was crowned at 17 years old. Since then, the ruling title has passed in a patriarchal manner, to the eldest living son of the current King.


All of the lands to the east of the Ordloch Wall are seen as belonging to the royal family, even those occupied by the Dwarves and the Elves. Though this is the view of Humanity, almost none of the other races truly view their lands belonging to anyone else.


After the war with the Giants, the Old Gods were officially banned by the King. They fully adopted the New Gods, paying particular homage to Erathis, the Goddess of civilisation, law and peace.
The animosity towards the Old Gods has survived the generations of the Mithrus family, so much so that King Storvald Mithrus will not tolerate the even Their mere mention.
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