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New Gods

Human and Smallfolk Deities

Pelor (LG): God of the sun, hope, life, harvest
Sarenrae (NG): Goddess of daylight, forgiveness, redemption
Erathis (LN): Goddess of civilisation, law and peace
Helm (LN): God of protectors and protection
Neril (CE): God of undead, necromancy and death
Sune (CG): Goddess of love, marriage and beauty
Kord (CN): God of storms, honorable battle, dragonslayers
Bane (NE): God of war, tyranny, bloodshed
Ioun (N): Goddess of knowledge, scholars and secrets
Melora (CN): Goddess of nature and change
Moradin (LG): God of Dwarves, the forge, family bonds and values
Evandra (CN): Goddess of Halflings, luck and chance
Garl Glittergold (NG): God of Gnomes, trickery and laughter
Asmodeus (LE): God of the nine Hells

Elven Deities

Correlon (CG): Godly Father of all Elves, magic and art
Lolth (CE): Goddess of Drow, spiders, deception and pain Sehanine (NG): Drow Goddess of the moon, dreams and Journeys

Draconic Deities

Bahamut (LG): The Platinum Dragon, King of good dragons and wise leadership
Tiamat (CE): The Five-Headed Dragon Queen, Goddess of evil dragons and tyranny


The New Gods are the only legal gods of Ysgör and thus it is widespread on the eastern side of the Ordloch Wall, especially among Humans and Dwarves.

Cultural Reception

The cultural shift from the worship of the Old Gods was highly controversial however the threat of penalty of death by exile was enough to keep most outspoken opposition quiet. The cultural shift naturally took place easily after that, however some still resist the worship of the New Gods privately.


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