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Old Gods

Gods of Man

Odin the All-Father (N): God of knowledge, battle and leadership
The Lady Freya (NG): Goddess of fertility, love, birth
Tyr the Maimed God (LN): God of courage, justice, strategy
Balder the Stranger (CG): God of beauty, art, poetry
Aegir the Old Man of the Sea (CN): God of storms and the seas
Loki the Trickster (NE): God of trickery, mischief
Thor Steerer of Mjollnir (CG) God of thunder/lightening, honorable battle
Heimdall the Watchman (LN): God of watchfulness, loyalty and protection
Uller the Huntsman (CN): God of hunting, the earth and the wilds
Hel the Steward of Niflheim (CE): Goddess of the underworld

Gods of the Jotunn

Annum Father of Jotunn (N) God of all Giants
Surtur the Brave (LE): God of Fire Giants and flame
Thyrm Lord of the Frost (CE): God of Frost Giants and cold
Grolantor the Ravenous (CE): God of Hill Giants and grasslands
Skoraeus King of the Rock (N): God of Stone Giants and mountains
Memnor the Proud (NG): God of Cloud Giants and the sky
Stromaus the Smiling God (CN): God of Storm Giants and hurricanes/monsoons

Cultural Reception

Retellings of the myths and worship of the Old Gods was made offcially illegal in 920HU, following the war of Humanit against the Giants between 900 and 915HU. Though there are few who still worship the Old Gods, this is done in private and more commonly in smaller settlements where punishment is less enforced.


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