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Druken Mithrus

Prince Druken Mithrus

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Prince Druken Mithrus is the fourth son of King Storvald Mithrus and his wife Queen Apegia Mithrus.


Druken has expressed willingness to have sex with men however his sexuality remains mostly unknown.


Prince Druken was educated alongside his brothers and received a stellar education. He is also known to have studied at the College of Magi, notably having received tutelage from the Archmage Ilros Nelmanos in the school of Necromancy.

Failures & Embarrassments

Druken attempted to have his brother Lettleset Mithrus killed by ordering his guard to leave him stranded in the forests west of the Ordloch Wall. The attempt on his brother's life failed however as he did not count on Jera Isalya and Drathir Lá coming upon the young prince and setting him free from the tree to which he was tied.

Morality & Philosophy

Druken appears to lack any regard for life before death, willingly sacrificing his guard as part of a ritual in order to gain answers from his patron God Neril.

Personality Characteristics


Druken has expressed desire to recouperate the Horn of Annum, even going as far as to make offerings to the God of Death Neril in the hopes of finding answers to its location. He has also made active attempts on the lives of his brothers, presumably in a bid for the throne.


Religious Views

Druken is an active worshipper of the God of Death Neril. This appears to be where he gets at least some of his power from as he carries a symbol of the God with him, a palm sized obsidian skull.
Date of Birth
Dark brow
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale, tattoos up onto his jaw
Quotes & Catchphrases
"We are long past the days of stabbing each other in the back, brother." - Druken lying to Lettleset
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations


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