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Vatian Idioms

Vatians is a highly advanced culture that manages to stand out amongst the rest of the world, but when it comes to their language they do not use it lightly at all and only say things when they need to be said and done and when politics are out of the way they will get down business and speak bluntly about a situation and never soften the conversation.  
A silver tongue and honeyed words may help you this day, put silver loses its luster and honey turns sour
Meaning that you can't always talk your way out of all of your problems and you will have to face them eventually.  
Even a shadow can hear
Meaning that some could be listening to a conversation from the most unlikely of places.  
A lion's pride will turn on its leader when the need arrives
Meaning a leader's role in a group is not permeant and they can be replaced if they should fail.  
Seven Devils
A common saying meaning several different things that someone reacts such as surprise, shock, anger, and fear  
A cut left unattended will be corrupted over time and spread bring pain along with it
Meaning that a problem no matter how small will eventually become a big problem if left unattended.  
Lies will betray you in the end
Meaning that too many lies can cause trouble lies the truth is revealed.  
An eagle does not always know what happening on the ground
Meaning no one can be everywhere and know what is going to happen when they're not around.  
Its better to be the puppeteer rather then the puppet
Meaning that one should control their own life rather than someone else for them.  
Even a stray can be trained
Meaning that everyone has potential if they are given a guiding hand.

Common Slang

  Grass Eater - Farmer   Dirt Digger - Miner   Ink Skinned - Criminal   Salt Drinker - Hyperion   Tree Lovers - Trents   Swamp Dwellers - Kurdel   Red - Ferosians   Tinker - Dionian   Wood Folk - Ardanian   Mountain Devils - Barbarians   Lurker - Spy   Cloaks - Guards   snatcher - Theif   regular - Soldier


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