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Once a might barbarian people that lived long ago, that are know for their fierceness and cunning. They roamed the land as a free people and often lived in peace as farmers. But when Vatian Empire came to take their lands, war became apart of everyday life. The Barbarian Wars would would see an end to them, with many of them scattered across the land and forming many different groups in the process.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Atepa, Virotouta, Nertomaria, Cassa, Banna, Cattia, Ollia, Talissa, Valeia, Careia

Masculine names

Gurval, Joran, Ergad, Vendogni, Tallus, Britomartis, Vocorix, Bannio, Balaesus, Annamoris

Family names

Menez, Gonidec, Robic, Diouron, Mordiern, Koulouarn, Garsmeur, Kerderrien


Major language groups and dialects

  • Desove
  • Setabe
  • Ternav
  • Nevini

Culture and cultural heritage

The Tesoni were said been gifted by the goddesses as both warriors and bards and were given fertile lands to live on and prosper. As long as they were given sacrifices to keep it that way.

Shared customary codes and values

That a guest shall be treated fair and equally no matter if they are friend or foe.

Average technological level

They lived in agricultural based societies that well known for their farming methods for growth. Metal working also helped them produce properly tools and weapons as well.

Common Etiquette rules

  • Washing hair
  • Wearing best clothing during festivities
  • Maintaining hair and facial hair

Common Dress code

Tunics are worn by men. They were worn at any length from the knees to the ankles. They would wear a belt, a cloak and trousers. Women wore floor-length skirts or dresses and wore shawls or cloaks.

Art & Architecture

Buildings are made with stone bodies and high straw roof to add enough space. Nobility and public buildings are much larger with more stone used. Art is often reliogous or represents something. This can be shown through cravings in wood, silver, gold. Tapestry is used depicting symbols, animals and events are sown together and displayed in builds on wall. It can even be seen on weapons and armor too.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

  • [Head hunting/li]
  • war paint
  • Tattoos
  • Arntog (Month of the goddesses)
  • Fernren (the War Path)
  • Human Sacrifice
  • Blood oath
  • Gent Ren (the Bard off)

Birth & Baptismal Rites

A druid is present in dealing with the entire process of the birth and rites. When a child is born, water is thrown onto them as means of protection, since evil spirts are attracted to blood and filth and try to Possess the child. After that they are painted b the color of their gender, blue of boy and green for girls. This is done to show good spirts see the birth and help give them desired trait that are needed for them. They are then wrapped in cloth covering their entire body in order for no spirts being able to interfere in rites that the druid will say for the child. The rites are often about keeping them alive long enough to live life and bring prosperity to those around them. Once that is done they are bathed again and presented to the parents and their name will be given to them.

Coming of Age Rites

As a rite of passage all most go on a spirit journey in order to go into adulthood. A druid is present in the matter. This is a personal journey so no one else but the participant and the druid can be present. This is often done near a sacred tree in order to become closer to the spirit world. The first thing they must do is strip naked and painted in holy symbols to aid them in their journey. The next step is to be tied to the tree. Then they most take a concoction of mistletoe in order to put them into a near death state in order to travel into the spirit world. It must be made by the druid since, they know the right amount that is needed, otherwise it could end up killing the participant in the process. Once in their near death state, their spirt leave the body and can travel freely across the spirt world. Were they are often told find out who they were in their past life to understand the choices they made. This is to show that no matter how you are, everything is connected by the goddesses. They often have to take trial along the way to test themselves and prove that they have learned much since they grown in their time in the after life, since it is said that a single day there is an entire year. Once they completed the trials they often find themselves in the river of memories, were they meet their past life and have a chat with them. Often about choices they mad and wisdom they learned. After that they have to find their way back to the tree to return to their body. Once they find their way pack they are returned to the body by the druid. A crown of mistletoe is place on their head and they are covered and ceremonial robes and return home. Once they arrive their family greets them and are give a gift of their choice, which can be from a weapon to clothing to enter them into adulthood. They bath soon after and often isolated.

Funerary and Memorial customs

When death comes it is not to be grievous occasion since, they will be reincarnated into a new life at a certain matter of time. After they die their body is put on display in front friends and family. They dress a funeral shirt and painted red to properly prepare them for their journey. A bowl is left in front of them leaving offerings such as food and money that they can use in the after life. Mistletoe is placed in their month so they can properly ever the after life without any interfere from spirits and demons. They are left on display for several days in order of the spirit to be fully prepared to leave the body when buried. At that time feast is made in their honor and are praised for all the things that they did in life and it goes on for several days. Once the body is read they are sent to their tomb, which is a burial mound that will act as a portal to sent them to the spirit world. Druidic symbols are often craved into the stone to protect the body from possession. Once all the rites are completed the dead are sent off and enter the spirit world and wait to be reincarnated soon after.

Common Taboos

  • Forced marriage
  • Renouncing the goddesses
  • Desecrating a tomb
  • Cannibalism


Beauty Ideals

Blonde hair is favored over most other hair colors, with some dying their hair with lime to look blonde. Men prefer to have well kept hair kept neat, along with long, mustaches and and groomed beards. Woman tend to braid their hair to look more attractive. A heavy built body in also perfered by both genders.

Gender Ideals

Men and women have equal roles in society as it is important to have all to speak in the community. They can both be Druids, cheifs, healers, and bards.

Courtship Ideals

Men are the ones who start in their culture. It would often start with the man offering a gift to the women of interest, such as livestock or a piece of jewelry to know that they are interest. This can change between with social status, with nobles giving more luxurious gifts to their wives to be. If they accept the gift, they will go out with the man for series of dates to see if they will be able cooperate with one another. They will often go on hunting trips or go to sacred sites to spend time with one another. But with nobles it is often arranged marriages to secure political power.

Relationship Ideals

It is commitment between the both spouses, they do what they must for the sake of the family. That means they will take it to extremes if they have to. With murder and kidnapping be commit for the safety of the family in some cases. As for the rest of the marriage the property is shared by both spouses and the both have a say in whats needed for the family. But as it goes for the relationship between them, it is a solemn oath to be faithful and true to one another. Then there are the other type the marriage the, hostage marriage, which often happens in times of war were men will kill another man and take their wife as their own. Those types of marriages take more time, if one of them doesn't kill the other first.
Diverged ethnicities


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