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Summer Camp Pledge 2023 of Renewal

Well, here we are with summer camp on the horizon as the countdown has now commenced. Man, I can tell you that it has been busy for me, but I am still writing and not stop anytime soon. I have big down plans this time around as I continue my expansion into writing into new frontiers and other worlds that bring excitement and wonder to all who read them. I've even written one of those annoying camp songs just to set the mood.  
Oh, we're off to summer camp again, it's time for another thrilling chapter of your life.
Come and stay a while, let your summer cheer, and enjoy the fun things here.
With every step you take here, you'll make a memory you will never forget.
Just step right and walk through these olden gates to find yourself in a place of delight, away from worldly strife.
Every moment you stay here will be an adventure, like a dream coming true.
There are so many things to see and do here wouldn't know what to do.
You're bound to make friends here while having a good old time.
So come sit down by our great big blazing fire and sing to this catchy tune.
All the while we gaze up at the starry sky and big ol shiny moon
Oh, we're off to summer camp again, it's time for another thrilling chapter of your life.
You never realize the time that has gone by since you join in the cheer.
Let the summer magic guide us while we grow and learn.
A summer filled with laughter and activities that excite every day and night
So come on down here and take in the natural sights
Summer Camp is a place you'll always adore.
-The Summer Camp Song
  So you understand that I know hype when I feel it. so I am preparing for this mental before I go mental like a college student taking exams, you all know what it feels like if you do. So here is my pledge and I am going to be on two worlds now to expand. Though this time I am not going to have a plan at all for this, making me highly unpredictable and causing panic amongst my rivals as I just go wherever the wind takes me, preferably not a tornado, the Land of Oz is not my to-do list at the moment.  

Theme Time

  We are getting a glimpse into the themes that will be coming and I am going to think very closely about how I am going to use them considering that themes can be found everywhere in writing, so I need to prepare to reach the diamond from the ground up.  


  Power can mean many things, a person, a state, or an organization, items and ranks so many things to think about, and thoughts and daydreams are out and about. Whatever it is I should be good for it should when the time comes and whatnot, I just want to think about it too much or become mad with power.  


  There has always been a common idea of people wishing to explore places that have yet to be fully discovered and settled. Much of my settings have yet to be fully explored this idea, but I have a few ideas that can lead to places that have yet to be explored or partially explored to add that sense of mystery and adventure to the world with a hint of danger to them.  


  The without the past there is no future, that can be said for the relics that come from a time long before our birth to help us understand those that came before us. Considering that my worlds have themes of mystical powers and gods there are going to be relics that grant power and have strong ties to the history of the world. The ideas of what they do and their significance may or may not play a pivotal role in how they affect these worlds.  


  All living things in one way or another have a way to communicate with one another. Through words, sounds, and machines anyone can get a message through as long as it is done correctly. With this in mind, I will most likely create a technology, language, or a type of code that determines how developed my worlds are in this prompt.  

Deep Thoughts

  I have to say that this summer camp was duesy this year if I do say so myself. I was pretty much writing every day just to get things done and now I say that I need a break right now. The wild card articles threw me off because I was not expecting them at all. I was tempted to see how many I could right as a challenge, yet that wasn't the point of summer camp so went against it. But I would call it a win on my part as I was able to get a long of work into my worlds this month and have a good idea of what to do next. As of now though I need to go through articles to pick a winner since I’m sponsoring this year and I need to read more for this month's challenge. There are some great articles out right now that I enjoyed reading so great jump everyone and enjoy a month of relaxation and sunlight since most of you were probably shut in your rooms with the shades down. So until next time, Chao.
Dewy Diamonds Badge by Strixxline
  I'm going for diamonds or bust once again when the prompts pop up. This is a group that I think I will enjoy working with. Though I am pretty sure that I'll need sunglasses to make sure I don't go blind from all of the shiny diamonds sparkling all over the place. As long as no one tries to steal my diamonds I won't start throwing them at the perpetrators and starting a diamond dodgeball, its dodge ball just with diamonds. Sure people with most likely get bad cuts, bruises, and a possible concussion but the last one standing gets to make off with the diamonds while everyone is in pain and misery, so I would call it a fair prize for victory.
Camp Feral Badge by Strixxline
  I knew a guy named Darryl who went feral on the account that society finally got to him and started acting like a shaman or hippy I can never understand which was it. Of course, no one has seen himself since he went to find his so-called "Happy Place." All I know is that I'm crazy and I don't see why I shouldn't go feral to get a feel for the wild side of things, just try not to get in my space I tend to bite when I feel cramped.  

Summer Camp Articles

  There are too many articles to link so here is the page. Enjoy the reads everyone   Summer Camp Articles


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Sage 1337spectra
Gabrielle Decker
8 Jun, 2023 04:24

Best of luck to you, Jester! Looking forward to reading what you come up with. It's my first time participating, and everybody's excitement is rubbing off on me!

Go to Eivrall
8 Jun, 2023 14:18

Best of luck! Excited to read what you write :D

I hope you have a great day!   Check out my Treasured Companions Challenge Entry!
9 Jun, 2023 13:51

Yeahhh CAMP FERAL! Good luck on your quest for the diamond badge - you've got this :D What would be the perfect prompt to come up for your world?

Creator of the dark fantasy world of Melior
9 Jun, 2023 17:45

Camp Feral, here we go!! Absolutely love your "get at it" attitude when it comes to the power theme. "Whatever it is I should be good for it". Gonna go ahead and keep that in mind, too.

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