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Hollow Valley

This place used to be a sight and full of life only for it to be stripped of anything of value by so-called civilized men - Mountain Kin Elder
    Once called the Green Valley by the barbarian tribe that once lived in it it has now become a shadow to what it had and what it represented as nothing more than a distant memory of a past that seems to no longer matter to those before it. As it was stripped clean of its resources and became hollow as the very life it held was stripped away from it.


The valley is surrounded by steep hills on all sides known as the Runon Hills. The valley itself is surrounded by large swaths of grass that go one for miles with only a group of trees or bushes dotting the landscape. There is only one river that comes down from the The Spine known as the Rene River and it is the largest as all other rivers have dried up.


There is nothing left of what the valley once had except for maybe a few scattered trees, some bushes, and dried-up riverbeds of the clear water that once flowed here. Now it is just empty and desolate as grass now just covers in for miles and miles on end as the ground has long since healed itself from the cruelty of greed and industry.

Ecosystem Cycles

The valley tends to flood in the summers and turn into a muddy marsh as there are no trees to some up the water anymore. Often lasting for many months depending on how much rain comes in for the year.

Localized Phenomena

Some areas of the valley have unstable ground due to the extensive mining in the area and the seasonal rain that come every year have greatly weakened the tunnels with the chance that they will collapse at any moment or if something or someone decides to walk on it when it does.


Ancient Beauty

  It was called Green Valley by the barbarian tribes that lived in it for centuries. It was here that lived off the land and built their homes in the hills that surrounded it as it was considered a sacred place that should not be touched by the lives of axes and huts. Why has it so sacred to them, was it the will of their gods, the version of the afterlife, or maybe its beauty was enough to discourage them for it was a remarkable place. It was said it was an ancient land that was untouched even by the Beastmen that ravaged the Western Lands and destroying much of the land surrounding it. But it managed to survive and its ancient beauty lived on long after all the fighting was done. It was also believed to be a sanctuary of sorts as well as harboring many species that were thought lost to the ravages of time such as Dryads and Wunaks that lived in peace. There were very few places that could match it and all were at peace as its residents took care of the land and only took what they need to survive. Of course, this secret place would eventually be found out as outsiders would come to discover it and its value.  


  It was the Vatian Empire that would be the first to discover this place after many centuries of staying hidden away from the rest of the world. At this time the Barbarian Wars were in full swing and the Imperial Legions of the empire were wiping out barbarian tribes left and right at this point any tribes in the area were considered hostile and had to be eradicated. Despite the tribe in the area known as the Ulenge being peaceful and not hostile in the area, they were nonetheless driven from their homes and almost completely wiped out. Once the natives were removed from the area the legion began to explore the uncharted valley and soon discovered the rich resources in it. After the wars were over settlers came to the region to create thriving settlements as they began harvesting its resources.   But instead of stopping they just kept taking and taking as time went by with nothing to stop them. The trees that once covered were gradually chopped down and the wildlife all but hunted to extinction. But the settlement gradually slowed down their expansion for a time and many years would pass with whats left of the valley is relatively untouched. But that was until it was discovered that rich deposits of ore namely copper were found in the region and miners began to swarm the place like flies on dung. It didn't take too long before the whole valley was devastated by the over mining across it. It was not until these deposits finally dried up that much of the valley was in ruins as its beautiful environment was destroyed. Leaving a large scar on the land for a long time.  

Hollowed Out

  It was until it was too late that the people who lived in the valley that the harvesting of it's all of its resources had consequences to them. The lack of trees in the valley lead to rains that came in the summer that flooded the valley, killing many of them and destroying their farmland. It also affected many of the mines that were striped as many of them collapsed from the flooding and sank much of the land, making it mostly unstable to live on as the earth beneath could collapse at any moment. This caused all the remaining settlers to flee the valley and make their home in the hills for safety. Leaving it to abandon for a long time, but eventually, the plant life began to grow back and some animals still live in it returned. But it is nothing more than an empty shell of what it once and be renamed, Hollow Valley from this day forth. With very few people ever going through it unless they have to as it is dangerous to travel across it due to the terrain.


Not many people come to the area as it has become bleak since it was stripped of most of its natural resources. But miners still come as it is close to lucrative mining ventures that are near The Spine with many of them popping up in many places.
Alternative Name(s)
The Husk, Green Valley

Striped Clean

  Very few resources can be found here anymore since it was harvested. Making it harder to grow and search for certain materials that can be used to make a settlement or profit from it. Creating barren land that has been destroyed by greed and has very little value for anyone to hold on to it. Making it a no man's land with people just letting nature taking a hold of the place without a second thought.  

Mining Prospects

  Despite the valley being of no value the hill that surrounds it still does as they have valuable minerals within them. With miners often coming to them in search of riches that are said to surround them. Of course, the mining guilds have gained a hold of the area and the empire as well to gain a cut of the profits that come out of the hill. But overall many of the miners are independent in the area and can make a decent living as long as they don't cross the guilds in if they want certain mining rights.  

Vengeful Descendants

  Despite the area being mostly abandoned for centuries, there are still a few people who want control of the valley. The descendants of the tribe that once called the valley their home now Mountain Kin seek to restore the ownership of the area to call in their home and leave their harsh home on the Savage Cliffs, calling themselves the Obern. They have been making continual raids in the region for several centuries now, killing anyone in the area in the homes to resettle the valley. Which has to lead to conflict with the guilds as they have been hiring mercenaries to deal with them. As for the empire, they do not wish to send its forces to such an isolated region when they can send their forces elsewhere. Leading to a stalemate with neither side gain any advantage over the other.

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