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Havdir, or ‘Hav-Dir’, translates to ‘Ocean-Goers’, ‘Hav’ being ocean, and ‘Dir’ being ‘Goers’. They have previously been known by Eptani cultures as Frostmen or Icedwellers due to the areas this culture is prevalent. Havdirians tend to be Glacians.   The Havdirians are excellent sailors, fishermen and traders. They have commanded the Jarldom of Havdir for more than two millennia, when the first Glacians migrated and colonised the lands in 205 PA. However this is their last stronghold, having since been pushed off the larger western continent (with the exception of the City-State of Pontemar - a disputed territory and colony between sub-cultures and peoples of ancient Glacian descent, the Pontemarn Havdir and Ergensie Havdir). They are exceedingly well suited to the cold winters, and they are producers of the finest fur and down-coats in all of Antir.   Their culture revolves around their philosophy of life. They worship and follow the guidance of creatures in each of the three 'Worldly Realms'; land, sky, and sea. The chosen animals varies from each person, and can effect their professions, their lifestyles and their ambitions.   The Havdirians strive to achieve a pure balance between all lives in their kingdom. This causes them to never over hunt, never to harm without reason, and to respect all creatures; this is partly what has led to the domestication (to a certain degree) of most of the animals in the region they reside in.


Major language groups and dialects

Ancient Glacie (and 'Havdirian'), and Antirian.
Encompassed species
Languages spoken
Related Locations

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