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Pontemar as a sovereign nation is young, and only in these recent years has the population of the city swelled to its current size. The switch to a solely trade focus for the city has put massive strain on all areas of infrastructure that are not related directly to commerce. The harbour has tripled in size and capacity in the past two decades alone, a substantial feat given the economic power of the burgeoning city, and this is where the vast majority of city funds has been spent.    The sudden centralisation of the peninsula has caused a mass exodus of all areas surrounding the city, and forced all of those to seek life in the city. The growth in population for the city is only expected to increase, with it expected to reach 150,000 in just 10 more years. Unfortunately the lack of action by the plutocratic elite has caused worsened conditions across the city, with dissent spreading across many of the slums. The declaration of independence from the Jarldom of Havdir is still within living memory for many, and the city itself suffered huge damage from the ensuing trade war and economic sanctions. The city still issues rations to all inhabitants, and struggles to find trading partners across Antir.


A plutocratic system that runs the entire City-State of Pontemar.
Related Ethnicities
Inhabitant Demonym
Pontemarn (Havdirian)
Owning Organization

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