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The Vostrovi Clan

Ancient beyond reckoning, the patriarch's cough rattled out of his frail body for an several long moments before he turned his attention back to the squabbling spawn. This is what had become of my line, he thought to himself, clutching the end of the chair so tight the old bones threatened to crack. Where they had once ruled the world of necromantic achievement, all they could do now was bicker about pointless trinkets.   "Enough. Quiet." He commanded, and after a look in his dead grey eyes, the siblings obeyed.
  Once a clan of powerful magicians responsible for many of the early breakthroughs in necromancy, the Vostrovi traded their spells of stocks. They leveraged their early entry into the necro-industrial revolution to command a sizable part of industrial reanimation sites, nekromechanical workshops, and vast hordes of undead labor. As they grew comfortable in their wealth and power, their attention to details bgan to decline - now, few know more than the very basics of necromancy. Most are content to become bankers, accountants, and industrialists, far away from the stink and grime of corpse-magic.   Since their early rise, it isn't entirely fair to say the Vostrovi have decline. Others have caught up to the advantage they held, competing in a market they once dominated. Their fortunes, still vast beyond the dreams of most, are trickling way like sand as they no longer invent new wonders, but rest on what they have.   Only a fool would discount the Vostrovi, though. They command political and economic cunning on a scale that could crush nations, with scores of factories, legions of undead, and even the world's only privately owned Gigant-3. The Vostor school for necromantic advancement is still the greatest in the world, even if the scions of the clan no longer attend it. Even so, rumors of... Unusual movements have emerged, of a renewed focus from clan elders and a select few of the very youngest. They shook the world to its core once, and they believe they can do so again.  
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