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2023 Summer Camp Reading Challenge

This was my first Summer Camp, and I was surprised at how useful I found the writing prompts at inspiring new aspects of my world. I decided to shoot for the moon and try to write something for every prompt, and I'm happy to report that I achieved that goal. I've been trying to write at least one article in this world every day for a while now, and it's been great for my creativity and my mood to be able to do so. I really enjoyed the whole experience, and I'm looking forward to more challenges like this in the future.   For the reading challenge, I've chosen the following prompts to read through:
  • "An Organization For Which Recruiting Or Proselytizing Is Important" - I chose this one because I've struggled with religions in my worldbuilding - I'm hoping to find some inspiration from seeing what other people have added to this category.
  • "A Profession That Has Been Rendered Obsolete" - This was one of the prompts I had the most trouble coming up with an idea for, and I'm looking forward to reading about how other people have handled it.
  • "A Myth or Truth about the Meaning of Your Universe" - This was another hard prompt, one that made me really think about how the residents of my world see themselves and their place in the big picture. I'm excited to read through all the entries people have submitted for it.
Here are the articles that I liked best after my readthrough.
  • St. Borel Hermit Society by TinkerTech - This is a really fun and clever idea - I love the idea of the monks having essentially a PR department dedicated to telling people to go away. I'd love to see a sample of the materials they hand out!
  • The Cult of Prophecy by TheOwlGod - This is a fantastic idea, and I love plot potential around the external Ascendant. I'd love to know more about the resources the Cult of Prophecy can bring to bear when they need to take action - what kind of assets and organizations to they have control or influence over?
  • Order of the Unimpeded Moon by Irately - This has a lot of potential - I'd love to see it expanded further, especially the part about the compulsion to spread the word - there is a story behind that, I'm sure.
  • Spit Screamer by WantedHero - This is a great variation on the 'Knocker-Up' profession - a lot of fun to read!
  • Nail Tattoos And Tattooers by AmélieIS - The idea of having my nails pulled off for this process makes my skin crawl - and that's exactly what makes this such an evocative article. That visceral reaction brings the world to life.
  • Beacon Guardian by Yerran - Great article. I imagine that there are still stories told of heroic Beacon Guardians, and that they have passed into the folklore of the people who revere them.
  • Whispers of Divinity by Hanhula - Fantastic article - I love the way it expands the worldview of the reader.
  • The Fable Paradox by MutsKun - I love this idea - it is similar to the structure of my world. I wonder if Hierobus' idea that there is an infinite hierarchy is misguided; perhaps the structure of writer and written is circular, where the gods of one world are mere mortals in another.
  • Everything Which Can, Does by Moonlight Bard - Great Article. I love the idea that we should all be striving to be an example to other worlds.
As for my goals for the next six months - I want to continue writing at least one article in The Million Islands every day. Sometimes that may be going back to an older article to expand it or update it to be more consistent with how the world has evolved since I first wrote it, but the key is the daily practice - I have found that the writing has been very good for my mental health and happiness. I'd also like to get more involved in the WorldAnvil community, mostly by trying to participate in each of the events that are held. I also want to take some time to read other worlds, for entertainment and inspiration.    Thanks for reading, and thanks for writing.


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