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Chapter 6: The Guiding Spire

As the players return, they pick out their next and final destination into the necropolis. What they select is the Temple of the Guiding Spire. There is a hush among the Ades priests. This was taken as a Sign from the gods that there is something that they wish to reveal. Word spreads like wildfire (both good and bad) as the “Left Hand of Psamtik II” will enter the Guiding Spire tomorrow.  
That Evening, the party is approached by a group of businessmen offering much food and drink in exchange for stories of what has been found in the Necropolis. While enjoying the food and drink, the players must make fortitude saves as all of the food and drink has been laced with sleeping potion. There is no suspicion as the businessmen are also eating and drinking and will pass out. If successful, all the players will fall asleep and when they wake up, it will be 4 hours past when the gates are opened. Someone didn’t want them to get to the church on time….
Temple Courtyard
Left Staircase
Right Staircase
Inner Sanctum
Guiding Spire Courtyard
The Guiding Spire
Waeb Priest Quarters
Hem-netjer quarters
Sem Priest's Quarters
Gaffe Quarters
Katapesh Quarters
Mess Hall
Upper Balcony
Temple to Set

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