I am, as you have no doubt noticed, still but a child. The people look on me with nothing but warmth in their eyes, but even this brings me some pain, I must admit... I've tried so hard to be worthy of their love, to be a worthy zaiem... and to prove to myself that I was worthy, too .
— Za'iba Riju, age 12, to the Hylian Champion
The head chieftan of the Gerudo clans, the Za'iba trace their title through to the ancient sage and pride of their people, Naboru. The Za'iba serves both as the head of the seven Zaiem of the Gerudo, leading them and being the outward face of the people for their allies, and as the single Zaiem of the Maiv'ke Clan, the single largest clan.
Nobility, Hereditary
Form of Address
The High Zaiem
Alternative Naming
Chief, Sister
Equates to
Culturally, the Za'iba is held in the same regard as the Monarchs of Hyrule and the Zora's Domain, as well as the Big Brother of the Gorons and the Maestro of the Rito. In aspects of the Unified Hyrule, especially in military matters, the Za'iba reports to the Hylian Monarch. At times this is seen as an advisory role or even one of actual leadership in the historical case of the Child King. Recent generations of the Gerudo have viewed this relationship with some distrust.
Source of Authority
The Za'iba gains authority through hereditary lines approved by the full Rov'aim council, the 'ila Shuraiem.
Length of Term
Normally, the title and rank of Za'iba is held for life, though most pass the rank on to their eldest daughter once they pass their coming of age. Afterward, the elder Za'iba may be referred to by the title, or the more reverent Rov'zabi
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