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Ancient tales from both the Hylian and Gerudo have pointed to the occasional existence of a male born to the Gerudo who would become revered as a god-king. The most well known is the despised sorcerer, Ganondorf, who attempted to use his dark magics to usurp the Hylian king. Since that event, no Mali'voe has been born to the Gerudo.   While the Mali'voe were considered the defacto rulers from birth, until they came of age the Gerudo were still led by their Chiefs. Even after taking the Rite of Deva'neen , the Mali'voe would be at the mercy of the Chiefs who served as advisors. As such the Mali'voe would serve more as a general or Ambassador, leading his people in conquest and peaceful negotiations.   By the time of Ganondorf, the Gerudo had had no fewer than seven kings, though scant recollections and surviving tablets point to the possibility of up to three further, short lived male rulers.
Religious, Special
Form of Address
Jalil Mali'voe or Mali'voni if more familiar.
Equates to
The most common equatiable titles are the Big Brother of the Goron, and the King of Hyrule.
Length of Term
Lifetime, unless found in violation of certain Gerudo Laws that would abdicate the title
Reports directly to
Related Locations
Related Organizations


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