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'ila Shuraiem

Sisters! I must beg that we keep this discussion to the matter at hand: Whether to grant the elder daughter of our departed Za'iba to hold her mother's title or to pass it instead to her sister. This is not a matter we should take lightly, and it is not one I will allow to be overtaken by idle gossip and our constant rumoring. Yes, Lasya, that is aimed at you, and you know full well why.
The council of elder Rov'aim, those living Zaiem of prior generations. Currently made up of 18 Rov'aim. These elder vai stand in as advisors and leaders in place of the Za'iba if ever there is no clear heir to the title, or if heir apparent has not come of age to hold the rank. In the case of a suitable heir from the prior Za'iba, the 'ila Shuraiem ceremoniously approve the lineage of the successor back to the great Sage of Spirit and first Za'iba, Nobooru.


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