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Freyja the Cold

Jarlskona of the Freeze Freyja Blood of Halldórsson

From a very young age it was clear that Freyja was a powerful elemental. Unique to the Teuta, she was an ice elemental. She gained the nickname of Freyja the Cold when she was 14 after she froze a young boy who tried to express his feelings for her. Embarrassed, she nearly killed him before running off to the frozen lakes to hide.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Freyja has several features that makes her stand out among the Iklans. She posseses blue eyes and white hair. Her blue eyes come from her father who is full Duish. Her white hair is believed to come from her elemental abilities. The Iklans believe that white hair is the manifestation of ones powerful elemental abilities. Many only have several strands of white hair, Freyja is among the very few who have pure white hair. 

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Freyja was a happy and outgoing child, she easily made friends and often welcomed the children of merchants from other lands. At the age of 10, Freyja showed an aptitude for ice elemental magic. She was sent to Tuvaneia to study under the druids at the capital. During her time in the capital, she was often picked on by the other children as her abilities severely surpassed those almost twice her age. Favored by many of the druids, the four long years she spent there were often in solitude. Her demeanor changed during her time at the capital, she grew angry and withdrew into her own world. When she turned 14, her parents brought her home as she had mastered much of what the druids could teach her. When she returned home she was greeted by the many friends she made years ago, but the same girl that left had not returned. One of her friends was a young boy who had harbored feelings for her for years. Overjoyed with her return he professed his love for her. She became overwhelmed with emotions and lost control of her power. She accidentally froze the boy and ran off crying. While the boy survived with minimal frostbite, they were both traumatized from the ordeal. Freyja was eventually found several days later miles from the city.


Freyja spent four years at the capital studying and mastering the elemental arts. At the ago of 14 she had already mastered the elemental arts, she returned home to Fellsbaer and continued her studies.


Freyja the Cold


Towards Isak



Brother (Important)

Towards Freyja the Cold



Freyja and Isak were close as children and very often played along side one another. After her time in the capital, Freyja returned and was greeted with open arms by her brother. She brushed him aside but Isak has not given up on his sister.

Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Currently Held Titles
Date of Birth
28th Sol of Araḫ Samnu, 383 EM
Year of Birth
383 EM 28 Years old
Isak (Brother)
Current Residence
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light Brown
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Ruled Locations

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