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The Central Territories

The Central Territories is the largest of the four territories, spanning almost half of the Eperom Wall. The territory is home to several of the largest settlements within the nation. What has made the territory unique in the past sever years is due to Freya, Blood of Halldórsson becoming the first Jarlskona in history. Under her rule the territory has seen stability and prosperity. Under past Jarls, the territories resources has been stretch thin between the Norther and Southern Territories.

Major Settlements:


Gothi: Isak, Blood of Halldórsson
Founded: 81 EM
The city of Aukrya stands between the Eperom Wall and Amma's Heart. While all of the cities important buildings were constructed at the edge of the Dwou Ni Lake, almost all of its residents live on house boats.

Oinos Steps

Gothi: Fedrik, Blood of Halldórsson
Founded: 71 EM
The Oinos Steps was built as the Teuta expanded their nation north.


Gothi: Frey, Blood of Halldórsson
Founded: 98 EM
Located at the southern end of The Freeze and wedged between Fells Lake and the Veskull Mountains, Fellsbaer is the largest mining town within the Nation.


Gothi: Sif, Blood fo Halldórsson
Founded: 85 EM


The Freeze

The central part of the continent is referred to as the Freeze. This is in large part due to the countless frozen lakes and rivers in this region.

Amma's Heart

Amma's Heart is a mountain range located between Oinos Steps and Aukrya. Within the mountain range there is a valley where hundreds of Strigos Deru trees have grown. When the Teuta first discovered the valley it was believed that this is where the Earth Goddess's heard resides. 

Veskull Mountains


Freyja the Cold, Jarlskona Of The Freeze


Blood of Halldórsson

The Blood of Halldórsson govern the entirety of the Central Territories for generations. 
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