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In the past the title of Jarl was held by the pure blood houses that ruled over the former tribes. After The Pact of Blood and Ice, the title was then given to a family for their achievements and loyalty to The Teuta. The title of Jarl is the 2nd highest authority and can be stripped from a family if they are proven to be disloyal to the Teuta. Within the kingdom there are three territories that are each ruled over by a Jarl, the north, central and southern territories. Along with the three territories, The ancestral homeland of the Teuta is also ruled over by a Jarl.
Civic, Political
A Pact of Blood and Ice
Equates to
A jarl is similar to lords of kingdoms of ma.
Source of Authority
Áki te Tueta
Length of Term
Until they are no longer fit by word of the Áki te Tueta
Reports directly to

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